TECH TALK: Envisioning Tomorrows World: Computer, Mobile and the Internet

I gave a couple talks recently at different fora on emerging technologies. I did both talks from prepared notes rather than a presentation. In this week’s Tech Talk, I will outline the gist of what I said.

As one looks to the future, it is a good idea to learn from the past. Look back 13 years or so. It is 1994. The Internet era is just about beginning. Also, the mobile era is about to start. Look back another 13 years ago. It is 1981. The PC era is about to commence.

As it turned out, these three creation the computer, the mobile phone and the Internet have formed the bedrock for the technological innovations that we have seen over the past quarter century. All of these innovations came from the developed markets and have made their way to emerging markets. In India, the adoption of the mobile phone for voice has been the greatest gadget story over the past five years. However, the use of the PC and the Internet has lagged behind.

I believe that over the next 5-10 years we will see the emergence of variants of the computer, mobile phone and the Internet which will make a huge impact in developing markets. Taken together, they will help create the digital infrastructure in these countries. The digital infrastructure is what will help these countries accelerate the pace of economic growth.

The three technological innovations on which the digital infrastructure for the developing markets will be built are going to be the Teleputer, the Ubinet and the M-Web.

Tomorrow: Teleputer, Ubinet and M-Web

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.