TECH TALK: Envisioning Tomorrows World: The Present and Future Webs

Today’s Web can be thought up as a Reference Web. It is like a gigantic library with almost all of the information that we need available at a click of a button. The M-Web will be the Incremental Web, focused on all that’s new. It will be more focused on real-time information streams. These will start becoming important because our teleputer will be a two-way device, capable of sensing and responding, transmitting and receiving.

Much of today’s Web is text-centric. The M-Web will be rich media. The teleputers, much like today’s mid- to high-end phones, are multimedia devices. With the Ubinet, it will become much easier (and cheaper) to send and receive rich media.

The other shift can be thought of as being from W3 to N3. The W3 can be thought of as the world, wide and wild Web. The N3 can be thought of as now, near and new Web. What’s happening around us and in real-time will be mirrored on the teleputer.

Search is the de facto way to navigate today’s Web. The M-Web will be built around Subscriptions. Think of subscriptions as building ongoing relationships with entities. Because there is a device with us all the time, we can now get access to events as they happen.

Advertising is the monetary driver for Search. Similarly, Invertising will be the key driver around Subscriptions. Invertising think of it as invited advertising — is about building a hotline to customers.

India has the ability to lead in the creation of this new world because for most of us, mobiles have become the primary device in our life. Tomorrow’s world will be built around future generations of mobiles.

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