Verizon’s Network Bet

WSJ writes:

Three years after rolling out one of the industry’s costliest initiatives — a super-fast, $18 billion fiber-optic network — the company must now prove that its pricey gamble can pay off in the form of consumer demand.

Verizon executives see the new network, called FiOS, as a chance to reposition the telecom giant into more of an Internet-based company — one that can supply a raft of digital services under one roof. The plan is to offer a host of new services to run on FiOS, some of which are still in the development stages. The company is targeting everything from online games and local news shows to movie downloads and music-mixing sites. With FiOS’s ability to carry huge amounts of data at warp speed, Verizon is betting that the network will be a magnet for subscribers and advertisers alike.

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Rajesh Jain

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