Mobile Web 2.0 Ecosystem

Ajit Jaokar writes:

Currently, an Operators core asset is voice. I believe that VOIP and other technologies will cannibalise the Voice revenue. This is already happening. Hence, the core assets of a Telco will shift from Voice(current) to others like Identity, Location(which will power location based advertising), customer history(datamining complex customer segmentation) , billing etc. All of these new assets will be sold to third parties i.e. independent applications developers through APIs(Application programming Interfaces). Services themselves will be Plug and Play and the Operator will be the orchestrator of services(and not a pipe).

I believe that the answer lies not in a killer application but in a killer ecosystem if that phrase can be used. If we take this line of thinking to its logical conclusion, we are talking of a global, flat, process driven organization(or a federation of collaborating organizations) interlinked at the service layer.

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