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Fred Wilson writes:

Clay Shirky once said that social nets are like parties. When they are small, they are really great, when they get big and crowded, they cease to be useful. Again I can’t find that post, or I’d link to it.

Clay’s right. But a huge social net that’s made up of millions of smaller social nets is likely to be even more useful than anything that we currrently have.

I think the web has to become a social net. It’s on its way, but we don’t have a single profile (my blog is mine) that we can use everywhere. Not all software is social. Not all social software can handle a single distributed profile. I could go on and on. Marc and I did yesterday at lunch.

Brad Stone is right. Open and distributed networks are the future of social networks. They will be everywhere. But we can’t and won’t have hundreds of profiles. We need a single “name space” for profiles. That’s going to happen. MySpace and Facebook will fight it just like AOL and Prodigy didn’t embrace the web. But it’s unstoppable because the value that will accrue to the entire social web will be incredible when we get there.

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