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I cannot stay away from buying books. The small diary that I carry with me has a list of books that Id like to buy. Of course, I could also go and order them from Amazon but I like to see a book before I buy it. So, I prefer buying from a local bookshop if I can find it there. I like to buy only one or two books at a time so there is time to read them before I get the next couple.

I dont tend to read a book cover to cove. I tend to go through it rapidly, and then focus on the sections which help me think through the current set of challenges that I am facing. A book spurs thought. I find books a great source for new ideas. I tend to apply what I am reading to what I am thinking. So, even as a book has its own themes, while reading a book I create sub-themes of my own, which help in lateral thinking.

I come across new books while reading blog posts, reviews or recommendations from friends. I also tend to track some key people and look out for their new books. An example is Nassim Talebs forthcoming book The BlackSwan. When I come across a new book, I will do a quick check on Amazon. And then, if I think I should buy the book. I will add to the shopping cart and make an entry in my diary.

I also like to pick up books from a bookstore for another reason. One always finds something else which is interesting and something which no recommendation engine would have figured out! Bookshops are a favourite timepass place for me. So, I dont miss an opportunity to visit one.

And so it was, last Sunday, that I made my way to Oxford Book Store (near Churchgate in Mumbai) along with Abhishek. We had not started with that as the destination. But the Crossword Bookshop near my house at Kemps Corner now opens an hour later at 11 am. I discovered this when we reached there. We then took a bus and made our way to Oxford.

I left with three books in hand The Strategy Paradox by Michael Raynor, The Marketing Gurus by Chris Murray, and Know-How by Ram Charan. The first and third were on my list of books to check; the second was not.

Tomorrow: The Strategy Paradox

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