Audio Interview by Vijay Rana

Vijay Rana has done with an audio interview me about Novatium and the network computer.

No! it is not a dream. It’s now a reality for 400 poor families in Chennai. A company called Novatium has introduced this unique concept in computing where all the computing, multimedia and Internet applications are set up on a remote server. This NetPC has no conventional processor and no hard-disc. It is connected to a remote server through a cable operator or phone company. You can connect to this server by paying a monthly fee like you now pay for Internet service provider or the cable operator. Recently, the Newsweek Magazine profiled the cofounder of NetPc, Rajesh Jain: “This formula may just change the way the average person thinks of computing.” Comparing the NetPC with the $100 laptop of MIT’s Nicholas Negroponte, the Newsweek wrote, “if the winning formula turns out to be Jain’s, or something like it, it could kill the PC altogether. Here in this exclusive interview Jain unveils his vision of a PC for everyone in India.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.