Computers and Productivity

The New York Times writes:

Money spent on computing technology delivers gains in worker productivity that are three to five times those of other investments, according to a study being published today. But the study also concluded that the information technology industry itself was unlikely to be a big source of new jobs.

The 69-page report is a wide-ranging look at the role that information technology plays in the economy, based on an assessment of existing research and the authors analysis. The study was done by a year-old research organization, the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, whose work is supported by companies like I.B.M., Cisco Systems and eBay, as well as by the Communications Workers of America and foundation grants. It will be available at

The study concludes that the economic significance of information technology is less in the technology itself than in the capacity of computer hardware, software and services to transform other sectors of the economy.

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Rajesh Jain

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