TECH TALK: Good Books: The Marketing Gurus (Part 2)

Here is a list of the books summarised by The Marketing Gurus:

Differentiate or die
Lateral marketing
The popcorn report
Relationship marketing
Networking with the affluent
The one to one future
Up the loyalty ladder
Scoring points
How to drive your competition crazy
Crossing the chasm
Unleashing the killer app
The anatomy of buzz
Purple cow
Don’t think pink
The discipline of market leaders
Renovate before you innovate

The first two summaries I read were The One-to-One Future and Purple Cow. They were relevant for some of the thinking I have been doing on how to rethink mobile marketing. I think the mobile can be a great platform to build 1:1 relationships. In countries like India, with the Internet usage still not at the levels it should have been, the mobile trajectory can create an interesting and different future compared to the one in the developed markets. I will discuss this further in a future Tech Talk series.

After reading the summaries, I could not but help wonder how there arent more such books in other areas. They can be a great introduction to the great ideas and in fact will lead readers to buy the books that have been summarised. While I accept that a 15-page summary can never do justice to the ideas covered in a 200-page book, I think a well-written summary can create greater interest amongst a wider audience.

Tomorrow: Know-How

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