Microsoft VC Summit

Ed Sim provides an overview of the day’s action:

must say that I came away quite impressed by Microsoft’s progress in its cloud and Windows Live strategy. Last year, all of the Windows Live talk seemed quite rushed, disjointed and forced and seemed it was more of a response to the market saying that Microsoft did not get the SAAS thing. This year the strategy seemed much clearer and well defined and the executives knew how the Internet and cloud fit into all of the various business units. In the end, Microsoft has made some huge strides and will certainly be worth watching over the next year.

The consumer mobile breakout session was one of the more informative discussions that I attended. Basically as the world moves to three dominant operating systems for wireless (Symbian, Windows Mobile, and Linux), Microsoft will look to increase its penetration by leveraging an extensive development platform to allow third party partners to develop new consumer services which can be easily deployed via its worldwide carrier partners.

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