Business Week writes:

Having helped design the plumbing that carries hundreds of millions of blog posts, songs, and video clips each day, Hossein Eslambolchi is about to launch one of the Web’s more intriguing technology forays. His goal? Making sense of all those bits. On Mar. 13, Eslambolchi’s 10-person start-up, Divvio Inc., [launched] a service that automatically finds audio, video, and, eventually, text, on your favorite subjects. Then it weaves these clips together to create personalized multimedia channels that are updated each time you sign on. A channel on the New York Yankees might start with spring training highlights, followed by videotaped interviews and blog postings.

First, Divvio’s software trawls the Web, indexing content not just by subject or title, but by bandwidth, duration, and over a dozen other attributes. Then a “personalization engine” matches each consumer’s desires to this data base–sensing, based on past requests, that the user is interested in Madonna the singer, not the mother of Christ. Finally, Eslambolchi says, the Divvio servers will stitch the segments together in milliseconds, regardless of what media format they were coded in.

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Rajesh Jain

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