Japan’s Mobile Internet Lead

MocoNews writes about a Forrester report:

When it comes to mobile services, Japan is still ahead of Europe by a whopping five years, even though operators in both regions introduced mobile Internet services at roughly the same time in the late 1990s. Thats the view of Forrester, which has found 52 percent of Japanese users regularly surf the mobile Web, compared to only 10 percent of European users. Forrester analyst and author of the report, Niek van Veen told Mobile Business European users are happy with SMS and need to be encouraged to use more sophisticated mobile data services. Indeed, 39 percent of European mobile users who have never used any mobile internet services dont see any value in using them.

But operators can only wean users off simple services that work out-of-the-box if they make their other data services no-brainers.

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Rajesh Jain

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