Rethinking Mobiles

MEX discusses the buzz that Apple’s iPhone and the rumoured Google phone are getting:

If I was a Nokia or a Sony Ericsson or even a Vodafone or an Orange, Id be worried. Id be asking myself: Why, after years of trying to develop revenues from non-voice services and billions spent on marketing and R&D can companies with nascent mobile teams capture such huge consumer momentum without even shipping a product?

This question wont have a material impact on revenues today and maybe not even for several financial quarters. Even if Apple and Google were shipping killer handsets right now, its unlikely device manufacturers would feel any effect for some time. They have the advantage of massive distribution through well established channels to defend their entrenched market positions. However, it is definitely a strategic challenge which needs to be addressed at the most senior level by both hardware companies and network operators.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.