Game Consoles

The Economist writes:

IT IS a vicious fightand one that all three participants claim to be winning. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are battling for supremacy in the $30 billion video-games industry, a struggle that takes place in rounds lasting five or six years each…With the start of sales of the PS3 in Europe on March 23rd, all three machines are at last available in all of the world’s biggest markets. The fight is just getting started, and already everyone claims to be on top.

Analysts are divided about the outcome. The PS2 achieved a level of market dominance never seen before, and I’m not sure we’ll see again, says Ed Barton, an analyst at Screen Digest. This time around, he suggests, different winners might emerge in different markets: it seems likely that Sony will do best in Japan and Microsoft in America. The wildcard is the Wii, which could trump the competition by attracting entirely new customers. IDC, a market-research firm, predicts that the Wii will be the bestselling console by 2008, and Merrill Lynch predicts that 30% of American homes will have a Wii by 2011.

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