Tom Hume writes:

I’m wondering nowadays whether [GPS} actually provides a better means to do LBS, for lots of reasons:

1. There’s no per-lookup charge with GPS, cheapening its use and enabling a whole class of apps which would previously have been too expensive;
2. It’s consistent across networks, and more easily understood than network-based lookup. Can’t get a GPS signal? That’ll be all those tall buildings around you – see them now?
3. Pricing of the kit; it’s heading to that lovely near-zero point which cameras and MP3 playing kit have reached, whereupon it becomes a part of the standard build of every handset, and that’s that;
4. And finally – perhaps most importantly – with GPS, device owners control the process and own their own data: GPS doesn’t so obviously expose you to the idea that your network operator knows where you are, and will sell this information. Perhaps this will allay some of the privacy fears which network-based LBS encourages?

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Rajesh Jain

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