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Louis Gump, vice president/mobile at The Weather Channel, says that banner ads still dominate mobile advertising because this type of advertising is intuitive and easy for consumers (and ad buyers) to understand and use. And Gump should know: The Weather Channel consistently scores high on the lists of top mobile web sites. NPD named The Weather Channel the third most popular mobile web site visited in December and the No. 2 most-visited mobile web site visited in November. “We can put a banner on a page and have consumers click-through to a destination,” Gump says. “The mobile web is more flexible and similar to the PC, so it’s an easier transition for ad buyers.”

But Gump believes that the mobile web is just a launching pad for mobile advertising. Text messaging–which has the potential to reach a lot more consumers because more people send and receive texts vs. those that access the mobile Web–is promising. However, Gump says that brands are less certain about this mechanism because it requires a different mindset. Text messaging ads must be short and concise, sometimes no more than just a word or two. He also thinks that mobile video advertising holds promise but that there is still work to be done on the length of the advertising spot (15 second or less) and the audience still needs to grow to make it attractive to more big-name brands.

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