Advertising Future

Bob Garfield writes:

We are not witnessing the beginning of the end of old media. We are witnessing the middle of the end of old media. Both print and broadcast — burdened with unwieldy, archaic and crushingly expensive means of distribution — are experiencing the disintegration of the audience critical mass they require to operate profitably. Moreover, they are losing that audience to the infinitely fragmented digital media, which have near-zero distribution costs and are overwhelmingly free to the user.

Free is a tough price to compete with. As documented by Woodward and Bernstein, Deep Throat’s advice to unraveling Watergate was to “Follow the money.” In imagining Chaos 2.0, you must follow the no-money. And when you do, you’ll have taken the Chaos Scenario one step further: to a digital landscape in which marketing achieves hitherto unimaginable effectiveness, but in which display advertising’s main role will be to quickly, straightforwardly, informatively draw you into a broader brand experience.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.