Mobile Idle Screen

C. Enrique Ortiz writes:

One of the next “battlefronts” for mobile application vendors will be the idle (standby) screen – who gets to deploy to it, and the user experience.

It will be a “nasty” battle between application providers, network operators, maybe even handset manufacturers; all realizing the importance and potential of owning that little space on the handset, and all fighting hard for that special place on the handset; which is special because there is only one of those, and only one idle-mode application active at a time.

Who will own the idle screen? Who will have the final decision of which application will run as the idle-mode application? Would it be the network operator? Hopefully not; we don’t want to see a new kind of walled-garden, this time with respect to the idle screen. Would it be the handset manufacturer? Probably not; they will do what their customer, the network operator, ask. Would it be the end-user? Hopefully the answer is yes; it is the user, the one who is able to search for, choose, download and install their favorite idle-mode application anytime they want. The user, the decider. 😉

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