Numenta and AI

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Jeff Hawkins made a name for himself in the tech industry as the founder of Palm Computing and inventor of the Palm Pilot. He later founded Handspring, where he invented the Treo. If you were a fan of his work then, you are going to love what Jeff is up to now. He is currently pursuing his life-long passions, neuroscience and intelligence. His latest work made quite a splash a few years ago when he published On Intelligence. In this thin volume Jeff Hawkins elegantly summarized his theory of how the brain gave rise to intelligence. Disputing conventional wisdom that the brain is complex, or that intelligence is inseparable from other human qualities such as emotions, Jeff put forward a proof that human intelligence is a function of the neocortex and that it is temporal in nature.

To prove his theory, Jeff founded Numenta – a company dedicated to developing algorithms and software based on the ideas put forward in the book. This spring Numenta released its first product, an experimental software aimed at researchers and advanced developers which embodies the algorithms and techniques pioneered by Jeff and his crew. Numenta is presenting here at ETech today and so it’s a great opportunity to familiarize you with these exciting new developments. Has the age of Artificial Intelligence arrived?

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