Topix for Local News

paidContent writes about the new Topix:

Much like before, the sites focus is on zip code-based local news. The section and zip-code homepages will become a hub of citizen-generated news (more in implementation than Digg), with easy-to-use tools for users to blog/vote stories onto the main and section pages. Interestingly, the company will kill its main homepage, and use it only as an entry page to other local pages.
Anyone can now submit local news for any U.S. zip code through the site or through mobiles. Participants can also become editors of the local pages. The community part for it has been growing rapidly since comments/discussion were added last year (it says it gets 30K comments everyday now).
For pages which dont get use-editors, Topix will continue to use it software algorithm to categorize the news.

It will be nice to have a “PIN-News” for India.

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