Sharing New Ideas

David Beisel writes:

Information about new startups and trends affecting them is near ubiquitous given the rise of influential and well-read blogs, as well as the mainstream press and conferences. And based on these visible and salient market trends, smart people tend to be led to the same conclusions about wherein lies the opportunity. If a large objective market opportunity exists, it would be unusual for it to go entirely missed by those with experience in the space. However, not everyone sees it that way entrepreneurs, bloggers, and others sometimes privately/publicly accuse and dismiss other groups of copycat tactics.

This copycat threat leaves entrepreneurs hesitating about spreading knowledge about their startup endeavors, especially early on. Yes, there is certainly risk in this perspective and there is a logical set of reasoning for operating in stealth mode, as I wrote about a couple of years ago (my opinion is that the best course of action isnt a binary approach, but rather a nuanced one.) But I believe the risk of another someone literally copying an entrepreneurs startup idea is largely overperceived and overweighted. Generally-speaking, isnt it better to bang your drum about your idea with better hopes to attract co-founders, employees, advisors, capital, and other important continents to make your company successful?

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.