Desktop to Webtop

Bill Burnham writes:

[The] trend is the migration of desktop data to the online storage cloud and the fight between Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft to control this data because he who controls the data will most likely control the “webtop” and the suite of web-based applications that access that data.

What is the “webtop”?, well the webtop is basically a web-centric version of the desktop OS. Microsoft’s $270BN market valuation attests to the value of the desktop OS (and its suite of integrated applications) and there is a growing belief in the tech world that much of that $270BN may be up for grabs again as end-users make the platform transition from desktops to webtops. There is also a realization that in the standards-based world of the web, the only real sustainable advantage is control of unique customer data because without that data one webtop OS is basically indistinguishable from the next.

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Rajesh Jain

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