TECH TALK: Letter to a Two-Year-Old: A Day in Your Life (Part 2)

Dear Abhishek,

In the evening, I try and come home on most workdays by 7 or 7:15 pm. You wait for me. You know I am coming. Because you want me to take you outside! And on many days, I do. I guess you also need a little change. After dinner, which like lunch is a major exercise for your mom, we play till you want to sleep. It is a mix of all kinds of fun games. Nowadays, cars are your life and so we create games around cars. And then, finally, it is time to sleep. You first go fetch your three blankets (or biyas as you call them), and then get your baby pillow. Then, your mummy pats you to sleep. We now sleep on a mattress on the floor (new bed) so theres little chance of you falling out of the bed.

And so it is that your day winds down. You take each day on its own merit. No great thinking about the past or the future. Looking at you, I wish I could do the same. Just live for the present. Enjoy each moment. Live life to the fullest now. I guess I too was like you once upon a time.

On Sundays, we normally end up going out. Either to the malls or to Bhavanas parents home, so your other set of grandparents can also see you. (You get plenty of face time with my parents since they stay with us.) We try and meet more people for you to learn from and have fun with and delight with your expressions and smiles.

When we take the car, nowadays you always want to be next to the driver. You sit on my lap or stand. I guess you like that because it gives you a clear wide-angle view of the world outside. I show you a few things but I mostly let you be. You will point to some things and Ill label them for you. Then, you remember.

You love watching Boowa-Kwala on the computer ( There are times when you will wake in the middle of the night and want me to switch on the computer and play the songs there. I hated the songs at first but gradually began to like them!

Youve started communicating a lot more as the year has gone by. It started with single, indecipherable words. Now, you manage a mix of two-three words quite well, even sentences. And with actions, you can get across your point rather nicely. Sometime during the year, you became a person I could have a little conversation with. And we started doing that as we went out together. Of course, most of the time you had monosyllable replies for me. But I knew that you were listening.

So, each sunrise brings forth a new set of experiences for you. Each day is unlike the other for you and for us. I couldnt ask for more.

Tomorrow: Memories

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