Software 2007

Tali Aben writes about the recently concluded conference:

SAP: Hasso Plattners key message: not only small companies can innovate. As he presented SAPs new offering for SMBs, what I heard was not innovation but rather catch-up. Sorry however, its still impressive (since often, large companies cant do that either), but SOA, On-Demand, Collaboration, Community, Standards, etc. are themes weve been hearing about for quite some time. Marc Benioff is a great presenter. During his session, I kept thinking of my Israeli entrepreneurs why cant they speak like him! He reminded all of us that was a catalyst for change in the software industry. Very true. Initially, the users were SMBs, but now, thats not the case anymore. Marc then went to pitch a new platform that will allow anybody to create and then run new applications on top of this platform, empowering users and ISVs to build next generation apps. This company is moving beyond just being a single application, to providing a platform, with multiple applications. Sounds like a familiar strategy. perhaps, they should rethink the name of the company

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