SAP and SaaS

ZDNet writes:

[Hasso] Plattner’s description of the next-generation, on demand business suite was similar in many ways to what has developed over the last eight years with its applications, platform and ecosystem, and what PeopleSoft founder Dave Duffield is creating at Workday.

SAP is late to the on demand game, but has been working over the last three years on A1S to catch up. Plattner said that SAP’s A1S on demand offering will be broader than or Workday, covering the entire business suite and different industries. In that context it sounds closer to NetSuite in covering the entire spectrum of core business applications, but SAP has the advantage of deep expertise across industry verticals, a set of more than 2000 enterprise services and a large war chest for marketing the products and services. Plattner views SAP’s role as spawning an ecosystem of innovation and serving as the primary trusted partner to customers.

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