Mobile Web 2.0 Hype

[via C. Enrique Ortiz] Paul Golding writes in his critique:

“Now, is there a different approach that might cause the mobile to become viewed by users as something different or more widely usable other than a device to make calls and send texts? I tend to think that there is if we bring the “address book” to the fore and create “buddy-centric” services; including the personification of services into buddies (e.g. I can ask send a picture to my “blog buddy”). Building an entire communications paradigm around buddies is now possible thanks to the migration from horrible old yucky telco signalling paradigm to the IP-based SIP paradigm. Is this the basis for Mobile 2.0? Perhaps. Can all this be merged with todays Web 2.0 technologies? I think so, and to great effect. Usability limitations will still apply, but greater utility and reliance on new must have services could emerge. Will any of this happen? Well, going back to the question What is Web 2.0? one could say that besides the technology, its also an attitude, such as adventure, risk, entrepreneurialism, openness and many other frames that we dont find much in evidence in the telco world.

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