Social Networking and Mobile Communities

Nancy Broden writes about a Punchcut study. “Analysis of our results showed that social networking activities form an ecosystem that crosses device or channel. All methods were brought into service in order to meet the goal of creating and maintaining relationships, but those methods were not interchangeable. Study participants used all of the tools available to them in performing their social networking activities and chose a method – mobile phone or PC – based on the context and the appropriateness of the tool to the activity in question. In fact, most our participants networked via PC and mobile phone at the same time, but for different purposes. The PC was chosen most often by study participants for content creation and access but their mobile phones were more suitable for keeping them abreast of real-time developments in their network. The most compelling social networking experiences were those that supported the use of a variety of tools on the mobile phone and PC yet took advantage of the strengths of each.”

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Rajesh Jain

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