Jaiku vs Twitter

Marko Ahtisaari writes about why he prefers Jaiku over Twitter:

For me Jaiku is about:

1. Silent sociality – checking up on what my friends are up to when convenient, and posting my own state knowing that I won’t be disturbing others (unless they have explicitly asked to be alerted).

2. Small-group sociality – Jaiku is not about celebrity. I’m interested in sharing state with a small group I’m nearly always in contact with, what Mimi Ito has called full-time intimate community.

3. Mobile sociality – Jaiku was designed with the mobile “living phonebook” interface in mind. SMS alerts crowding the inbox of one of the few working personal and functional communication channels is not my idea of improving communication. I use the SMS-in posting to Jaiku when I’m using my Nokia 8800 and with my N70 I use the Jaiku phonebook.

4. Background sociality – Jaiku allows me to integrate other online identities and feeds (including delicious, flickr and any RSS) into my single jaiku presence feed. This is done in a way that do

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