Phones as Computers

WSJ writes about the Nokia N95:

Phones are adapting to the changing way that we interact — with each other, and with the Web. Smart phones used to be all about productivity, just as the Web was — handling emails, recording appointments, juggling administrative tasks while on the move. But most gadgets these days are about multimedia. You can take photos. You can listen to music. You can send email. I think what is happening, and what Nokia has realized, is that this stuff has now gotten to the point where we can nearly all do it, and want to do it. The connections are getting faster — most 3G connections can handle uploading a photo without too much effort (or expense). We’ve gotten used to sharing our photos on sites like, and many of us keep blogs. So the software that makes this happen now comes as standard on phones like the Nokia range.

There’s no denying a phone like the N95 makes doing all this, if not a pleasure, then at least less of a frustrating chore than it would otherwise be.

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Rajesh Jain

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