Palm’s Foleo

From Charlie’s Diary:

This is Palm’s play for the corporate network. Docs to Go and Versamail aren’t the real office apps intended for this platform; they’re just the local offline editing tools for when you’re not plugged in. If I’m right, expect to see Palm announce a service not unlike Apple’s .Mac, only with added business services and more storage. Dot Mac is aimed at home users who want email, webspace, and easy synchronisation; I’d expect Palm to be preparing to deploy CRM applications, relational databases, and possibly office tools like Thinkfree Online. It’s possible that they’re going to try to negotiate uncapped access to this service via some of the bigger cellcos’ business accounts. If they go this route, they’re also likely to offer toolkits and SDKs to help corporate customers plug their business software straight into Palm’s service and push it out to their employees’ Foleos. A clear sign of this thinking would be the appearance of VNC, Citrix, or other thin client software on the platform.

The Foleo is light, simple, cheap to replace, and doesn’t store any critical data if it’s stolen, unlike an employee laptop. It lets a company keep critical data under lock and key, but makes accessing it relatively straightforward using existing Web 2.0 tech. If Palm manage to fill in the dotted line at the web services level, they can offer big clients something that PC laptops don’t simplicity and security, combined with lower cost.

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