Facebook in India

Ramesh Jain writes:

In this trip, however, I got a chance to hear some young people (three 19 year old girls) talk about what they like and dislike on Internet. Their excitement about Facebook was something to be experienced. It appears that Facebook has become the most important medium for social communication among them. They love everything about Facebook and they are ecstatic about the new application environment. They think now they have everything that they need to remain in touch with all their friends. They repeatedly mentioned that they are on Facebook all the time. When asked what is missing on Facebook, the only thing they mentioned was that it would be great if it were available on mobile phones.

Of course, these people are not your average Indian young people; they are from upper socio-economic tier of Mumbai. But one thing is clear, there is a revolution brewing in the Internet space. Environments like Facebook and Myspace offer easy publishing tools, powerful communication mechanisms using multimedia experience, and automatically created personal activity reports that are of interest to people in their social life. By putting these things in an environment that allows people to know interesting happenings (yes, I am avoiding the term event intentionally) in their friend-circle, these systems are becoming the most dominant software used by young people around the globe. And by opening their system and becoming platform, Facebook has indeed brought in a major revolution in social networking.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.