The Gadgets in my Life

Mobile: iPhone (since Sep 2007). I bought it in the US in Aug 2007, and then had it hacked as soon as the jailbreak software came out. My previous phones (both of which I sued for about a year) were the Nokia N80 and Nokia 6630. I need to get the iPhone 2.0 software now on the mobile, so I can start using the AppStore. For email, I use IMAP access to my office mailbox.

Office Desktop: a Thin Client running Linux. This has been my desktop for the past 6+ years now. All computing and storage on the server.

Home Desktop: HP /Compaq (mostly used now by Bhavana and Abhishek)

Laptop: HP Pavilion (bought it in Dubai in April 2007; a little heavier than I’d like it to be). I don’t use the laptop that much except when travelling or making presentations. And so far, I haven’t yet bothered with a data card.

Kindle: I have had Amazon’s eBook reader since May of this year, and have about 30+ books on it. Take it with me when I am travelling. In India, one has to transfer the books purchased from the PC to the Kindle. I like the book reading experience very much. There are many improvements which I am sure Amazon will do, but the first-generation device is still very good.

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3 thoughts on “The Gadgets in my Life”

  1. Hi Rajesh,
    1. Will you guide me on the IPhone hack? I can get an Iphone from the US. I checked it and found it nifty enough, with few shortfalls. But at the India price tag, I had decided to wait up for the N96 launch and then take a call. But at the US price plus hacking cost, Iphone may not be a bad idea at all.

    2. You did not mention a browser preference. In the news right now, with the Chrome launch and all. But since only the Windows version is out, you may not have tried it out. It must be Firefox then, I guess, for you?

    3. The Kindle intrigues me. I do a lot of my reading via audio books and podcasts. Also in travel and commutes. The Kindle could be a cool option. Are most books (typical best sellers, non-fiction types usually) easily available in the version suitable for Kindle? Where do you get the books from, for Kindle?

    – Sanjay

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