The Gadgets in my Life

Mobile: iPhone (since Sep 2007). I bought it in the US in Aug 2007, and then had it hacked as soon as the jailbreak software came out. My previous phones (both of which I sued for about a year) were the Nokia N80 and Nokia 6630. I need to get the iPhone 2.0 software now on the mobile, so I can start using the AppStore. For email, I use IMAP access to my office mailbox.

Office Desktop: a Thin Client running Linux. This has been my desktop for the past 6+ years now. All computing and storage on the server.

Home Desktop: HP /Compaq (mostly used now by Bhavana and Abhishek)

Laptop: HP Pavilion (bought it in Dubai in April 2007; a little heavier than I’d like it to be). I don’t use the laptop that much except when travelling or making presentations. And so far, I haven’t yet bothered with a data card.

Kindle: I have had Amazon’s eBook reader since May of this year, and have about 30+ books on it. Take it with me when I am travelling. In India, one has to transfer the books purchased from the PC to the Kindle. I like the book reading experience very much. There are many improvements which I am sure Amazon will do, but the first-generation device is still very good.

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