Customer Lifecycle Marketing

The 5 Phases in the life of a Customer Relationship:

  1. Non-Customer and Competitor’s Customer: This is the universe of customers that need to be targeted. They can either be first-time customers in a category, or they could be competition’s existing customers. Need: Branding and Lead Generation
  1. Future Customer: This is where a subset of the non-customers have become interested and could be prospected to become a customer soon. Think of this as ‘dating’ or scouting. Need: Engagement
  1. New Customer: This is where the customer has just begun a relationship (‘marriage’). The first month or so can be thought of as a ‘honeymoon’ period with the customer. Need: Onboarding
  1. Existing Customer: This is where the customer needs to be retained, delighted and harvested. Else….think ‘seven-year-itch’! Need: Servicing and Engagement
  1. Ex-Customer: This is where an existing customer leaves to become someone else’s customer (‘divorce’). Need: Branding and Lead Generation

The opportunity in India lies in thinking how the mobile can be leveraged at each stage of the customer relationship.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.