7 Lake Street

That is the address in White Plains I lived at for 2 years (1989-91). And that is where I found myself earlier this week.

I was in White Plains, New York for a business meeting. I had some free time, and so I walked around downtown and went outside the building that was home for 2 years for me while I was working at NYNEX. The apartment building was still there, and for a few moments, time stood still. And then I moved on. That seemed like a world apart. At times, it can be quite a strange feeling going down memory lane.

I also walked around downtime — so much has changed. There is now a big Wal-mart — unimaginable in those days. And the Galleria Mall has also changed substantially. And yet, some of the smaller shops (a deli I remember) are still there — a constant in a changing world.

Even driving from JFK to White Plains along the Hutchinson River Parkway brought back many memories. I used to know all these roads and the bends and curves so well. Now, it seemed familiar and yet so strange.

That was a brief interlude with a part of my past life. Now, back to the future!

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.