Blog Past: Entrepreneur’s Enigmas

A post from January 2003 which is as relevant today on the dilemmas that an entrepreneur faces:

The life of an entrepreneur is a confused one — full of choices to be made and paths to be taken (or not). Every day brings forth its own enigmas, leaving the entrepreneur is a perpetual state of being caught between multiple worlds. And, surprising though it may seem, it is the entrepreneur’s own making. It is a decision he has made of his own free will — a life of continuous flux, uncertainty and unpredictability.

The life of an entrepreneur is, for the most part, a lonely one. He has few others he can talk to who can understand the situations he faces. Enigmas are an inherent part of an entrepreneur’s work and life. We will explore some of the enigmas that entrepreneurs face, and how they tackle these challenges.

Even today, 16 years after I started the walk down the path of entrepreneurship, the engimas are all there — decisions that have to be made with seemingly contradictory but equally appealing paths that go ahead to the future.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.