Expressway Driving

Coming back from Pune recently, I could not but help thinking about the driving skills of some of us. I would have thought that after many years of having the Expressway around, we would have learnt that slow-moving vehicles need to stay on the left. So, it comes us something of a shocker to see an amazing number of cars chugging along on an empty freeway in the right lane. And to top it all, even after honking and flashing lights to some of them, they refuse to move over to the right left. The result is that a reasonably fast-moving car has to weave in and out from the right lane to the middle lane and back, when the problem could so easily have been avoided with some sensible and thoughtful driving.

Overall, driving to Pune and coming back this time was much more of a pleasurable experience. For one, the Baner road has been broadened considerably (thanks to, my cousin informed me, the recently held Youth Commonwealth Games). The flyovers also helped keep the average speed in the city high. Or maybe it was just that we picked the two lightest traffic days (at Diwali) to travel to Pune!

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.