US Trip

I returned on Sunday morning from a 9-day visit. I was in Chicago for a day for a business meeting, and then in San Francisco for the Web 2.0 Summit. It was my third trip to San Francisco this year, so the Union Square territory is getting a little too familiar! With two book stores (Borders and Stacey’s) and a toy store (Jeffrey’s), these short stays allow me to indulge a little also – besides the business meetings.

As I was in the cab going from San Francisco airport to the hotel, I got that eerie feeling that it only seemed the other day that I was driving on the same highway – even though a couple months had passed. I guess we have all felt this “time compression” once in a while – when the memories of the previous period same so fresh in the mind.

The travel on Jet Airways was extraordinarily good. It is a pity that they are shutting down the Mumbai-SF-Mumbai service from mid-January. (From what I understood, the weekend flights do quite well, but the weekday flights have low occupancy.)

So, this year has so far seen six international trips (Barcelona, Phuket and Singapore besides the three US trips). Except Singapore, all the others were on business. Looking forward to staying tethered in Mumbai till the end of the year!

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