US SMS Opportunity

I think there is a great opportunity in the US around SMS. Just like Facebook made waves first in the younger generation and then moved to the older set, the use of texting in the teenage segment is exploding. The older people still don’t use it, and tend to stay with their smartphones and the mobile Internet. My feeling is that SMS usage across the US will grow substantially in the next couple years and will cover all segments. The key driver for this, besides P2P SMS, will be SMS Subscriptions. This is one area in which we in India lead, and not lag, the US. So, can some Indian companies use SMS to get an entry into the US mobile data market? It is something that is worth exploring seriously.

My belief is that SMS subscriptions can be the foundation to build a mobile data play. India can be the ‘laboratory’ and the backyard in which new services can be tried out. The US market is different, but when it comes to SMS usage, there will be enough similarities which can help create the openings.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.