12 Years Apart

Yesterday, I was on the road in Mumbai doing 4 back-to-back meetings and presentations talking about our Mobility platform to enterprises. As I made my way home late at night, memories from similar days 12 years ago came to my mind. Then, I was talking about the Internet and what it could do for their business. Now, it is the mobile and the power of SMS subscriptions.

In the early stage of building new revenue streams, it is one’s passion and vision for what can we done that can help generate the first customers. One has to convince the person on the other side to give this next new thing a try – and see what magic can be created. There are not that many case studies or references yet. One has to think on one’s feet to come up with solutions for the problems that the potential customers talk about. And that is the best source of new ideas.

On the way home, I reflected on the meetings and realised that this one full day of continuous customer interaction had done more for making me aware of how to grow the platform we are creating than the dozens of hours spent in the office thinking about what to do. I used to do it a lot 12 years ago. Like I said last week, I need to do more of the OOO thing! I may be 12 years older, but I still feel like that same person going out to sell a vision that can Change The Way Business Is Done.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.