Blog Past: When Bad Things Happen

I wrote this series in February 2007, when our MyToday SMS services were blocked by operators in India. November has been one of those months where the financial gloom has been compounded by the developments this week in Mumbai. At times like this, one has to think positive. This is what I wrote then:

When one is an entrepreneur, there is an implicit acceptance of the unknown. Bad Things will happen which can destroy a business. It could be a software failure. It could be a sudden exodus of key talent. It could a damaging story in the media. It could be a competitor launching a product or service that seems to be faster, better and cheaper. I have experienced all of the above. And lived through each of them and emerged stronger. What is needed is a firm belief that out of every Bad Thing there is another Good Thing waiting to be created. The Bad is obvious, the Good is not. The Bad is the present, the Good is the Future. It is not easy to think of the calmness of the sea when one is caught in a turbulent storm.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.