Why Founders / CEOs should Blog Daily

All it takes is 15 minutes daily. That’s under two hours a week – about the length of time taken to got for one business meeting and get back to office. Blogging can probably open up as many opportunities as a good meeting can — in a way one cannot directly imagine.

I think blogging daily makes a big difference — it makes blogging part of a routine for both the blogger and the reader. As to the question of what to blog daily, there is no shortage of things to write on — as you can see from this blog! While RSS readers can easily surface the new posts of a blog within hours of them being written, a blog updated daily at a fixed time gives a feel of a good newspaper. (In India, newspaper reading is far from dead — and in fact is growing very nicely.)

A blog helps the founder / CEO make connections which otherwise would not be possible. It gives people one is meeting a better understanding of oneself. And it works great as a follow-up discussion in meetings — one can send links to posts written outlining views on topics discussed. For a growing company, the ability to get an undiluted view across can be extremely useful.

Of course, the challenge remains: how to get readers to the blog? I tell everyone I meet for the first time aboutmy blog — and the fact that it is updated daily. Hopefully, their first visit ensures that they become regulars — given that there is something new daily.

So, try it out. It does not take as much time as one thinks it will take. And the returns can be many times over the time invested!

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.