Weekend Reading

This weekend’s links:

  • Cringely’s 2009 Predictions: His last column for PBS.
  • Mobile’s Tectonic Shift: by Cyriac Roeding of Kleiner Perkins
  • Time to Reboot America: Tom Friedman’s article on what the US needs – also applicable in parts to India
  • Rethinking Computers in the Classroom: from Business Week. “What’s needed, say educators and technology advocates, is a 21st-century curriculum that harnesses PCs and the Internet to equip kids with skills needed in the modern workplace, like critical thinking, analysis, and communications.”
  • Venture Capital’s Coming Collapse: from Forbes. “The venture capital industry is staring at the most vicious shakeout in its history. Returns are pathetic for most funds, the public offering pipeline on which venture depends for its exit strategy is clamped shut, and with the shares of many big publicly traded tech companies swooning, those firms are less likely to buy up promising upstarts.”

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