Weekend Reading

This weekend’s links:

  • Bits of Destruction: by Fred Wilson. “Bits of information flowing over a wire (or through the air) are just more efficient than physical infrastructure…This downturn will be marked in history as the time where many of the business models built in the industrial era finally collapsed as a result of being undermined by the information age. Its creative destruction at work.”
  • Top Technology Breakthroughs of 2008: from Wired
  • The Real-Time Enterprise: by Tim O’Reilly. “What do Google, WalMart, and MyBarackObama.com have in common, besides their extraordinary success? They are organizations that are infused with IT in such a way that it leads to a qualitative change in their entire business.”
  • 10 Tech Predictions for 2009: by Louis Gray
  • Say Good-bye to Mediocrity: by Om Malik

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