Random: Ghajini and Outliers

Ghajini: Saw it over the weekend. Very well-made movie. Despite the nice songs and the romance, the only thing that stays with you after the movie is the raw violence. Aamir Khan is exceptional. Overall, a must-watch (once).

Outliers: This is a new book by Malcolm Gladwell (author of “The Tipping Point” and “Blink”). The book is about “the story of success.” And as is Gladwell’s style, there are plenty of fascinating stories in it. A good quick read, it leaves you with enough to think about.

On a separate note, a movie I watched on TV on one of those lonely nights (since Bhavana and Abhishek were away in Surat) was James Bond’s “Casino Royale.” The poker contest in the movie was especially engrossing. Have recommended that the next cards party I participate in Pune with my cousins be around the variation of poker showcased in the movie, Texas Hold ’em.

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