Weekend Reading

This weekend’s links:

  • A fascinating collection of 75+ comments on my three [1 2 3] elections-related blog posts. I wish the Indian political parties would read this.
  • What would Google do? An interview with Jeff Jarvis about his new book.
  • The Big Fix: A New York Times Magazine article on the US economy. “While Washington has been preoccupied with stimulus and bailouts, another, equally important issue has received far less attention — and the resolution of it is far more uncertain. What will happen once the paddles have been applied and the economy’s heart starts beating again? How should the new American economy be remade? Above all, how fast will it grow?” Why can’t we in India do some deep and big thinking about the Indian economy?
  • The Midas List: Forbes’ special report on Venture Capital.
  • Positioning and Pitch decks for Start-ups: Advice from Ed Sim.
  • Hiring as a core competency: by Seth Levine. “Most start-ups will tell you that hiring great people is one of the most important determinants of a company’s success. Why then is the process of hiring generally treated as a completely ad hoc exercise?”

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