Book Reco: The Cosmic Detective

This is a book for young readers. A slim 92-page book by Dr. Mani Bhaumik and priced at Rs 199 in India, it “explores the mysteries on our universe.” I have been reading sections of it to Abhishek (after cars and snakes, his next interest is now planets). There are many photos (62) which bring out the beauty of our universe. If you have a young one (or would yourself like to know more), this one is for you.

Space has always been a fascinating subject. I rememberbeing enchanted by the space shuttleflights when I was growing up, even listening to live commentary on BBC and VOA of the take-offs and landings. In the past 25+ years, many mysteries have been resolved — and new ones opened up. That is the beauty of ths subject – and something which is especially intriguiging to youngsters.

The other book that I read to Abhishek is “The Planets” by Gail Gibbons. We’ve bought 3 books by Gail Gibbons (it started with the Snakes book). There is a nice style to the books with the easy writing and superbly drawn illustrations.

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