I try and not miss reading The New York Times Opinion pages daily. And that quality of journalism is what I miss in the Indian dailies.

We need better, more thoughtful, less biased agenda-setting writing. The Indian Express still has perhaps the better of the op-eds, though there is a lack of consistency in the writing. I like reading Shekhar Gupta’s columns, but he doesn’t write often enough! Now that the election season is here, perhaps we will see much more incisive analysis from the dailies. This is also an opportunity for Indian bloggers and news portals to fill the void.

I wasn’t always interested in the NYT op-eds. It was the US elections last year which got me interested, and then I got hooked.The diversity of views and columnists is something I’d love to see in the Indian’journosphere.’

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.