Making Notes

One habit I have is making extensive notes. Most people who know me will rarely find me without a notebook (the paper one). I use by notebook to make meeting notes, write ToDos, make lists, and most importantly, think.

Over the years, this habit has gotten more and more ingrained. I have standardised on the notebooks I use (hardcover, spiral, 240 pages) and the pens (blue and black; BIC round stic fine). I finish one notebook in about 2 weeks, and one pen in about a week.

Making notes ensures a number of things:

  • When I write down, I tend to remember better. So, I may not refer to it again, but it just helps focus attention on the moment.
  • In meetings, when I get an idea, I tend to write it down in the book so I don’t forget it.
  • I love Lists – so they help me organise a day and ideas. Of course, on most days, what gets done is very different from what I had planned!
  • I also have the ability to go back to recall meetings in case I need to. This hasn’t happened often, but it has been useful the few times it did.
  • Most important, it keeps the mind free to think and concentrate, knowing that the book will have a record for me to refer to later.

When I see Abhishek (who is now nearly 4 years old) remember things with no notebook, I wonder…!

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.