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Vodafone: Many of you have written in inquiring what happened on the Vodafone issue. The SMS shortcode (575758) continues to be blocked for MyToday opt-in. To its credit, Vodafone has unblocked our mobile Internet portal, mytoday.com. [Background: We vs Vodafone — Day 1, Day 2, Day 3]

Comments: I very much appreciate the comments on the blog posts. My sincere apologies if I am not able to respond to each of you personally. Things have been busier than usual hence have fallen behind by replies. But do rest assured that I read each of the comments – and value them. This is one blog where the readers are much smarter than the writer!

Reading: Thanks to my friend, Anshuman Goenka, I now have a bunch of books to read about Indian political history since Independence. Will share some of these books as I finish reading them. The past month has been a good induction into understanding India’s recent history better. The same op-ed pages in the newspapers that I used to ignore daily are now a must-see!

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