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This week’s links:

  • How Facebook is taking over our lives: From Fortune. “The newest members – the ones behind Facebook’s accelerating growth rate – are more, ahem, mature types like Lichtenstein, who never thought they’d have the time or inclination to overshare on the web. It’s just that Facebook has finally started to make their busy lives a little more productive – and a lot more fun.”
  • Mapping a new, mobile Internet: From Business Week. “A nascent industry involving the likes of Google and Nokia is pinpointing the movements and behaviors of millions of cell-phone users.”
  • Why TV Lost: by Paul Graham. “What decided the contest for computers? Four forces, three of which one could have predicted, and one that would have been harder to.”
  • The end of paper? From Fortune. “Someday you may be reading your newspaper on an e-paper device – a thin piece of plastic the size of a legal pad that can be taken to the beach or on the train. That day may be a lot closer than you think.”
  • Six ways to make Web 2.0 Work: From McKinsey Quarterly.

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